How to delete Facebook on Android


Did you realize that the Facebook is not right for you? Then I bet you would like to cancel the Facebook app from your phone and do not know how to do. Don’t worry, I can help you. Find out how to delete Facebook from Android with this guide. We will see not only how […]

How to ignore a person on Facebook


Every time you log into Facebook, do you find dozens of invitations for games and applications submitted by the same person? Is there a friend who continues to post uninteresting contents? Don’t worry, here’s the solution for your problem. Today we will discover together how to ignore a person on Facebook avoiding the unnecessary invitations, post […]

How to block a person on Facebook with an iPhone


Is there a person who is bothering you on Facebook? Would you like to blockthis person but you don’t know how to do it because you’re in front your iPhone and not your PC? No problem, let’s see what you can do! Through the Facebook app for iPhone, you can block all contacts that are […]

How to log out from Facebook if you lost your mobile phone


If you have lost your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or any type of phone) and you want to log out from Facebook before who stole your mobile look for your stuff on your Facebook, you do not need to change the password, thanks to a new security setting you can disconnect your account from any mobile phone […]

Facebook does not work? Here’s how to solve


Like any website Facebook could also have its faults, which could be due to your computer (or device with which you connect) to your network or its server. On this article I want to rearrange the ideas and steps to take if you notice malfunctioning on Facebook. It’s necessary, for example, to understand if the problem is […]

How to clear your search history on Facebook


Not many of you know that Facebook records all the searches you perform on the search bar at the top of the social network. You got it right, whatever you are looking for on Facebook is saved in a history list, accessible from the activity log. The activity log is a feature available only from the profile so […]

How to backup a Facebook profile

Facebook pongo

Facebook brings us a lot of information to share: thoughts, interests, private messages, chat conversations; Facebook knows who our friends are, their contact information, it knows our events and has all our photos and videos uploaded by us or our friends. It has a short repository of our information that you can request and download. How do […]

How to connect Facebook with Skype


Today we talk about how to connect Facebook with another internet service: Skype. The most popular free VoIP software and instant messaging has been acquired by Microsoft, that has decided to integrate it as much as possible with its partner Facebook. Since the latest version Skype can be connected with Facebook in order to be […]

How to rotate a video on Facebook


Have you ever uploaded a video on Facebook? Did you ever realize that after uploading it the video is upside down o rotated of 90 degrees? Don’t worry! Here you can find the solution for your problem! Now Facebook allows you to rotate a video without you have to upload it again. If you do […]