Turn off Facebook messages seen notification


Do you think is annoying to let your friends know when you read a message on Facebook? Would you like to delete the notification when you see a message? If you don’t want your friends know when you really see a message this post will be very useful to you. As always we will lead […]

How to read messages on Facebook without seen notification


On Facebook is not possible (in theory) to read a message without not let others know that the message has been read and when. For a year now it has been possible in practice to find out who is on Facebook and make anyone uncomfortable. The situation is repeated with each message sent/received is in fact the […]

How to encrypt messages and any other content on Facebook


Would you like to have more privacy on Facebook? Would you like to send messages and be sure that only the other user can read them? With the extension on this article you will learn how to send encrypted messages that you can read only through a password. Long time ago there was an extension […]