How to delete Facebook on Android


Did you realize that the Facebook is not right for you? Then I bet you would like to cancel the Facebook app from your phone and do not know how to do. Don’t worry, I can help you. Find out how to delete Facebook from Android with this guide. We will see not only how […]

How to block a person on Facebook with an iPhone


Is there a person who is bothering you on Facebook? Would you like to blockthis person but you don’t know how to do it because you’re in front your iPhone and not your PC? No problem, let’s see what you can do! Through the Facebook app for iPhone, you can block all contacts that are […]

How to log out from Facebook if you lost your mobile phone


If you have lost your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or any type of phone) and you want to log out from Facebook before who stole your mobile look for your stuff on your Facebook, you do not need to change the password, thanks to a new security setting you can disconnect your account from any mobile phone […]

How to disable chat on Facebook


The times when we used Facebook only from the computer (or from one computer) are over: we connected to the site using the chat and when the connection timed out we logged out to tell everyone that we were no longer online. Now things are a little different: with mobile phones, tablets and computers being […]