How to customize Facebook Pages with Tabs


Ever since Facebook has introduced the timeline for the pages, you can customize what are called “tabs” or “tab” and insert HTML code in them or upload any content or even use iframe and load external content. Facebook Pages are more customizable than profiles: everything you need are the right applications; it’s this that allows you to add […]

Invite all friends to page or event on Facebook


Since Facebook has introduced a new system to invite your friends to click like to pages, all previous methods are no longer functional. It seemed it was not possible to invite all your friends with one click but finally here for you a new method. The method is tested and working with the new menu […]

How to open an ecommerce on Facebook


Did you decide to open an online store? Why not increase its visibility by offering customers the opportunity to purchase the goods directly from Facebook? How can you do it? Just use Blomming. Blomming is a free online service that allows you to create an online store on which to sell any type of product and […]

How to increase the number of people talking about this

Facebook mobile

Important as increasing the like (and even more) is to increase the number of people who talk about the page. What does this mean? What is the difference between the people who clicked the like button and the people who talk about this? On this article I try to shed light on these two important […]

How to add a chat on a Facebook page


Have you ever wanted to be more connected with your fans? Have you ever wanted a chat on your Facebok page?Among the dozens of applications reported in the articles of the blog, today I’ll talk to you on how to enter a chat on a Facebook page! Today, by the “Forum For Pages” developers, we […]

How to add a contact form to a Facebook page


Facebook has provided some tools to let fan communicate with the page owners. Fans can send a message, write on the wall, comment on posts, etc. But nothing is better than a direct channel through the emails. An application allows you to add a contact form to a Facebook page. It’s called the Contact Tab […]

How to control the posts privacy on a page


Not all the administrators of Facebook pages know that they can control the privacy of the post shared, to show the content only to some fans. The function is active on all pages but you have to enable it in the settings of the admin panel. Follow the instructions to enable it and try this tool. […]

5 strategies to increase likes and comments on Facebook


It’s really important to increase likes (for pages) and friends (for those who want greater visibility) but it’s also important to involve the people who follow us. A very good indicator (for pages) in this regard is the “number of people talking about this“, the number of users who create stories about the page. Both […]

How to get all news from a Facebook page

Like buttons

On Facebook we’re used to follow news published by friends, pages or people not friends (with the follow button). For the first we just have to send a friend request and wait to receive confirmation (in the meantime receiving public updates) for the second we just click on the button “like”. Once you click the […]