How to edit photos for Facebook

Photo retouch

Web contents that always get higher visibility and engagement are pictures&photos. That’s why it’s important to know how to change them with special effects and filters, things that have made Instagram one of the most feared social networks (so much that it was bought by Facebook). Instagram has also integrated some filters on the Facebook mobile […]

How to cut a photo online


Do you need to cut some pictures to post on Facebook or Twitter? Are you not an expert in software for photo editing? For such a simple operation there is no need to use Photoshop, GIMP or advanced software of this kind. Just use the convenient free online services. There are so many, all very […]

How to cut photos for Facebook


Do you want to renew your Facebook profile with original photos and covers? Don’t you know how to create optimized images for social networks? You’re on the right article! We’re going to see how to adapt our photos to various image formats supported by the most popular social network in the world. Follow it and […]

How to quickly enlarge your photos on Facebook


The Facebook photos are the type of content that generates greater visibility and virality. They are beautiful to see and easily attract likes, comments and shares; they’re therefore the most important content used by pages and profiles. Let’s see today some extensions that on one side allow you to enlarge any image on Facebook and on […]