3 essential tips for your Facebook security


If you think that having a password that nobody knows is the only option that you need to feel comfortable on Facebook, you need to know you’re taking risks that you can’t even imagine and soon you may regret not to having paid more attention to online security. We often talk about security on Facebook, […]

How to discover password under asterisks


Mistakenly you think that having a good password that no one knows is enough to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Unfortunately, however, finding passwords on Facebook is not at all difficult, but it only takes a few tricks, tips and settings to be safe. Today I show you how easy is to discover the […]

How to unlock Facebook from a virus


Can you no longer access Facebook and you’re convinced that it’s a virus to block your connection? No panic! With a little patience, you may be able to solve the problem and restore access to Facebook without calling a technician. Try to follow carefully the instructions on how to unlock Facebook by a virus that […]

How to log out from Facebook if you lost your mobile phone


If you have lost your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or any type of phone) and you want to log out from Facebook before who stole your mobile look for your stuff on your Facebook, you do not need to change the password, thanks to a new security setting you can disconnect your account from any mobile phone […]

How to protect your Facebook account against hackers


Facebook is the number one social networking site in the world and has become a true virtual world. A billion people live both on Facebook and in real life and most of them live (spend more time) paradoxically more in this virtual world than in the real world. We all share our pictures, moods and what we think […]

How to remove viruses from your Facebook account


One of the most discussed topics on this site is Facebook security. With several articles and guides I have tried to give you the best advice and tips on safety to stay away from scams, to protect the account in a better way and to understand why it is important to protect the account. In […]

How to find out your social networks passwords


I am often contacted by people who have problems logging into Facebook or other social media websites, or who have been the victim of stolen passwords and can’t log in. The story is always similar: those who have found or stolen the password have also changed the email password connected to the social account making […]

How to recover the password on Facebook


In order to change the password on Facebook you should know the previous one and if you’ve lost it you have to use some alternative methods that today I’ll tell you about in this new article. This article is NOT written to encourage illegal activities. So I hope none of you will use the programs […]