How to customize Facebook Pages with Tabs


Ever since Facebook has introduced the timeline for the pages, you can customize what are called “tabs” or “tab” and insert HTML code in them or upload any content or even use iframe and load external content. Facebook Pages are more customizable than profiles: everything you need are the right applications; it’s this that allows you to add […]

How to control the posts privacy on a page


Not all the administrators of Facebook pages know that they can control the privacy of the post shared, to show the content only to some fans. The function is active on all pages but you have to enable it in the settings of the admin panel. Follow the instructions to enable it and try this tool. […]

How to log out from Facebook safely

facebook-entry exit

Even if the title of this article may seem trivial, you might find some interesting information. I won’t dwell on the simple procedure to log out of Facebook  even if this may sound a little bit complicated on some devices. Instead I will explain the system that regulates active sessions on Facebook, the system that allows you to […]