How to lock Facebook in your firm

block facebook

Do you have a role as a manager in a small company and do not want your employees wasting their time on Facebook? Would you like to block access to social networks from the office computer but you’re not an expert on this kind of thing you do not know how to do? This is […]

How to discover password under asterisks


Mistakenly you think that having a good password that no one knows is enough to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Unfortunately, however, finding passwords on Facebook is not at all difficult, but it only takes a few tricks, tips and settings to be safe. Today I show you how easy is to discover the […]

Convert Facebook video to Mp3


If you found a video on Facebook and you’d like to save the audio track to mp3, on this article I talk about a very simple service, which, just like the dozens of services that allow you to download music from YouTube, does the same thing on Facebook. What do you have to do if […]

Invite all friends to page or event on Facebook


Since Facebook has introduced a new system to invite your friends to click like to pages, all previous methods are no longer functional. It seemed it was not possible to invite all your friends with one click but finally here for you a new method. The method is tested and working with the new menu […]