How to read messages on Facebook without seen notification


On Facebook is not possible (in theory) to read a message without not let others know that the message has been read and when. For a year now it has been possible in practice to find out who is on Facebook and make anyone uncomfortable. The situation is repeated with each message sent/received is in fact the […]

How to hide secret messages in Facebook photos


Would you like to hide messages within common photos and pictures on Facebook? Posts that only someone who knows an extension (the one that I review on this article) and a secret key will be able to decipher? The trick is amazing and really easy to use. I often talk about the privacy on Facebook, […]

Read Facebook message without seen notification on iPhone and Android


One of the most popular tricks for Facebook is the one that allows you to read messages without notifying the sender. As you all know, Facebook informs the sender of hour and minute when the recipient opens and reads the message , sending the notification so-called ” seen” , very annoying if you do not […]

Know who blocked you on Facebook


All of a sudden you do not find anymore a person in your friends list; or you try to visit her timeline and you find the 404 error of Facebook, the figure of the like with bandaged thumb: “Unfortunately, this page is not available. It is possible that the link you followed is corrupt or […]

How to find out who has blocked you on Facebook


By blocking a user, a person can block a user to view his profile, send friend requests, send messages, comments or even reading other posts written on photos, links, pages, or groups.  The block is the most powerful weapon at the disposal of each user to exclude one or more people on Facebook. By blocking you stop […]

How to send new Facebook emoji in chat


I have already talked about emoji, dozens of new smilies and emoticons activated on Facebook. Using them on Facebook is really easy: just visit the list and copy and paste one or more symbols on Facebook. In previous articles I have explained that all the emoji work everywhere except in Facebook chat, but I was wrong! We […]

How to select all friends in one click on Facebook

Select all friends

One of the most Popular trick on Facebook is the one that allows you to select all your friends in one click when sending invitations to events, or suggestions to “like” pages. With this trick you can configure a bookmarkelt on your browser (a bookmark that contains a javascript code) that once clicked will select […]

How to write in blue on Facebook

Facebook blue

One of the most particular trick about Facebook is the custom tag, or the ability to write in blue and tag pages with arbitrary text, or write only in blue and not tag any profile or page. After the introduction of the hashtag, Facebook seems to have stopped the possibility to write in blue. All methods have been […]

How to see pending friend requests that you sent


When you send a friend request on Facebook, you have to wait until the other person agrees to the request to virtually “formalize” the friendship on Facebook. In the meantime, you receive public updates from that person, if he has activated the follow button; if the person accepts your request joins your list of friends, […]

How to steal passwords on Facebook

steal facebook passwords

Hacking (computer jargon term that can be translated as “take control”), a Facebook account is not a simple thing. Facebook does not use a public framework and consequently all the traditional techniques of hacking are useless. Behind Facebook there is also one of the best centers for the security on the web, which employs hundreds of […]