How to make a PDF from a word file online


Do you wanna convert a word file into a PDF? Don’t you know how to do it? Don’t worry! There are many free online services that allow you to transform y our Word documents into PDF files. These instruments are compatible with all major browsers and operating systems that do not require a software or […]

How to edit a PDF file online


Do you need to highlight certain passages in a PDF file that was sent to you via email? Do you wanna add annotations but do not you know which program to use? There’s a really good news for you: you can do all this online! By now there are several online services, all free and […]

How to store files online


Would you like to have your documents and your photos always with you, no matter what computer you use? Well, you could store all the important data on USB sticks or external hard drives, but it is a solution rich in potential risks and uncertainties. If you want my advice, put aside the physical devices […]