How to install Whatsapp on PCs


Whatsapp for PC You often communicate via Whatsapp with your friend, suppose that now you want to do it even by using your personal computer. Don’t be afraid there’s no need to be a geek to do that, actually it is very easy. Unfortunately there is still no official client that allows to do it, […]

How to better protect your computer


Protecting you and those around you. Your computer is not just a machine. This is the tool that you keep your personal data and data from third parties (family, relatives, friends) Just because your computer is owned by you, it’s good for your safety (and that of those around you) that you know how to […]

How to watch movies on Android


If you’re spending the weekend out and want to make the trip more relaxing and less boring, or you just want to load a few movies on your Android smartphone or tablet but you have completely no idea how to put them into your device, surely, that would be a very good idea to follow this step-to-step guide. […]

Bitdefender – The best antivirus


Many people are in trouble when they have to choose the best antivirus system available online. We’ve already suggested two goods antivirus systems for protecting your pc from malwares and viruses. The first was AVG, complete and functional. The second One, Avira free and very useful. We’ve not speak about Bitdefender yet. Bitdefender often emerges as the best antivirus […]

Avira Free Antivirus


Avira Free Antivirus (as known as Avira) is one of the best antivirus engines available nowadays. Like we’ve seen with AVG this software provides you a very efficient protection against any kind of viruses. It’s provided with a real-time scanning engine that is able to protect your computer from any virus or malware, without impacting negatively […]

How to auto click


For work reasons, are you forced to continually click on the same button? Do you want to break an absurd record in an online game but you need to make hundreds of clicks in sequence at the light speed? No doubt, you need GS Auto Clicker. GS Auto Clicker is a free program for Windows […]

Install Skype on Linux


You’ve just installed Linux on your computer and are you looking for valid programs that can replace the ones you used usually on Windows? Well, but why replace them all? By now many applications have a Linux version that works as (and sometimes better) than for Windows or Mac. Skype it’s a clear example. The famous […]

How to format your PC


A computer format will erase all data stored in its hard drive to reinstall the operating system from scratch, programs and support software for devices such as printers, scanners, webcams, etc…with this article, I will try to clear up a bit your ideas explaining how to format your computer quickly and easily. Before formatting the […]

How to turn off a PC with a timer


You’re not the one to leave your PC on when you go out with your friends, but maybe you should do something to reduce the power consumption of the computer and never leave it on. What do you think about a timer to automatically turn off the computer when you’re not there? Using the free […]

How to save a document in PDF


Do you need to send a web page or a document to your colleague but you do not know how to export them to PDF format, so as to make them more comfortable to see? Do not worry, all that you need is a small software called doPDF. DoPDF is a free program for Windows […]