How to see your sent friend requests on Facebook


Have you forgotten to whom you sent a friend request on Facebook? Would you like to cancel all requests? Nothing could be simpler. Facebook has finally made ​​available to anyone the list and there’s no longer need to use tricks or special applications. Although the previous tricks are still functioning (with an application or using […]

How to see pending friend requests that you sent


When you send a friend request on Facebook, you have to wait until the other person agrees to the request to virtually “formalize” the friendship on Facebook. In the meantime, you receive public updates from that person, if he has activated the follow button; if the person accepts your request joins your list of friends, […]

How to hide a new friendship on Facebook

hide facebook friends

Did you receive a friend request and you do not want / can not accept it because you want to make it known to one or more of your friends? You do not want to let someone know that you made ​​friends with a person? Or, you sent a friend request and now you’re afraid […]