How to avoid distractions on Facebook with this extension

facebook distraction

Facebook is a continuous distraction; we open it to take a little break for a few minutes and we always end up wasting hours to browse through the newsfeed. This can be “positive” if we have some freetime we don’t know how to spend, but if it interferes with the study or the work may […]

How to lock a website on Google Chrome

block website

You’ve chosen to use Google Chrome as your default browser on your computer, but now you have the need to block access to certain sites but don’t you know how to do it? You can take advantage of a powerful (but simple) extension called TinyFilter. TinyFilter is an add-on for Google Chrome that, once installed, […]

How to store passwords on Google Chrome


Since a few days your Google Chrome does not seem to remember the password you use to access the Internet sites? You probably have turned off password storage included in the browser without meaning to, but do not worry! All you need to do is to start the program and follow the instructions that you […]

How to surf in incognito on Google Chrome


One of the factors that have made the success of Google Chrome is the incognito mode (also echoed by other competing browsers). The incognito browsing mode, as can be easily guessed from its name, allows you to visit any Web site without the PC traces are left of the navigation. Does not save history, cookies […]

How to make Google Chrome faster


Chrome is one of the best browsers available on the market today, one of the fastest when loading web pages, but that does not mean it’s perfect. With a few tips you can make it a more convenient and faster browsing experience with the browser from Google, and I’ll tell you how to do today. […]

How to set your initial page on Google Chrome


This morning you opened Google Chrome and instead of the usual home page, the one with previews of all your most visited sites, and links to the applications installed in your browser, you have found an unknown website? Evidently you have installed a program that contained inside some promotional items, including changes in the browser’s […]

How to surf anonumously on Google Chrome


You are a person who cares about privacy. You’ve chosen Google Chrome as the default browser for its convenient incognito mode, which lets you surf the web without leaving a trace on the PC, but now you want something more advanced. Would you like to surf online without being identified or tracked by anyone? You […]

How to hide secret messages in Facebook photos


Would you like to hide messages within common photos and pictures on Facebook? Posts that only someone who knows an extension (the one that I review on this article) and a secret key will be able to decipher? The trick is amazing and really easy to use. I often talk about the privacy on Facebook, […]

How to restart your browser


Even the best browser, occasionally, can slow down or crash. And you, who are used to have many tabs open at once, often you do not reboot the program to avoid having to re-open one by one the sites you’re visiting. What if I told you there was a way to remind the browser open […]

How to uninstall Google Chrome


Did you try Google Chrome but you realized that is not your ideal browser? Do you want to remove it but you don’t know how to do it? Do you love Chrome but it gives you some problems on your Mac or PC and then you want to reinstall it, but you don’t know what […]