How to delete history on mobile


Do you often leave your friends using your smartphone to surf on the Web? Don’t want they know the list of sites you’ve visited? No problem, you only have to delete the history on your mobile! If you don’t know how to do it, let’s read the simple steps that I’m going to tell you […]

How to surf anonymously on Firefox


Would you like to surf on the web without running the risk that someone could go back to the sites you’ve visited? Do you want to surf anonymously on the Web and hide your real IP address? If you’re using Firefox you can do both easily. The Mozilla browser can be used to navigate with […]

How to delete your internet history


Don’t you want friends and family to find out the list of websites you’ve visited? I guess not. What you need is to delete your browser history. Log in to your browser settings that you use to surf on the web (example Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) and erase your web history. Can’t you find the […]