How to better protect your computer


Protecting you and those around you. Your computer is not just a machine. This is the tool that you keep your personal data and data from third parties (family, relatives, friends) Just because your computer is owned by you, it’s good for your safety (and that of those around you) that you know how to […]

How to hack a website


One of the most popular topics among the internet computer is the hacking. In fact, seems like many people would like to learn how to hack a web-site, and get it down, but as you can easily imagine, we cannot give you all the sensible information about the argument. Anyway, We’ve have decided to create an […]

How to install AVG Free Antivirus

AVG antivirus

We know it’s very important among the web to talk about free antivirus systems. Reaching an high quality of protection often means to pay lots of money and spend so much time complaining with the complexity of the program. With AVG free antivirus, we do not have this kind of problem! The famous software for […]

How to be safe buying online


Did you make internet shopping lately? Did someone  intercept information about your credit card? You must now stop the credit card, file a complaint with the right authority and cross your fingers, hoping for a refund of your bank. I swear on my head that you’ve made ​​a purchase blindly on the Internet and you […]

How to encrypt a password


Remembering all the passwords you use every day to access Internet sites, forums and social networks is not easy. For this reason you need to write them, but you must do it in a safe place, such as the encrypted database offered by LockCrypt. LockCrypt is a free program for Windows, Mac OS X and […]

How to delete Keylogger


Among the many threats that every day  we can meet in our Internet browsing, keyloggers are definitely one of the most dangerous. It is this type of malware, in fact, that the bad guys use to steal passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data that you entered on the keyboards of our PCs. That’s […]

How to steal wifi password


Did you forget the password of the wireless connection in the office and you do not know how to recover it? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! Indeed, in this article I want you to explain how to steal the wifi password by using a couple of free solution that allows you to discover […]

How to clean your browser from Virus


Are you scared that your computer has been hit by a virus and you do not know how to fix it without formatting the hard disk? Do you want to know what are the best antiviruses for your PC? Don’t worry, this is the right article for you! Today I’ll show you how to clean […]

How to protect a wifi network


The Wi – Fi connection is crucial in our society among smartphones, laptops and game consoles. Even if you’re in your house, you use a  router that allows you to be connected to the Internet wirelessly with all your devices, but maybe you do not know that the privacy of your network is at risk. […]