Play YouTube videos in background


YouTube is one of the biggest store online for audio as well as video content. Why do you think it become so popular? The answer is pretty easy! YouTube supports almost all the platforms available: all the mobile OS platform as well as PC platforms are supported for YouTube playback. But there’s something more! All the audio […]

Read Facebook message without seen notification on iPhone and Android


One of the most popular tricks for Facebook is the one that allows you to read messages without notifying the sender. As you all know, Facebook informs the sender of hour and minute when the recipient opens and reads the message , sending the notification so-called ” seen” , very annoying if you do not […]

How to download music with iPhone


In addition to being a good phone and an extraordinary tool for online communication, the iPhone can also be exploited as a convenient music player. Would you like to know how to download good music on it without going through the PC? With this article I want you to find out how to download music […]

How to read whatsapp messages without seen notification


WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most widely used messaging application on mobile phones. This app makes possible free texting, and even sending audio, video, images and more. All this for free, paying only the cost of connection to the Internet that most of the time is included in subscriptions. WhatsApp is (along with Facebook) also the […]