How to change your IP address


Here we go again! You were downloading some files from the Web and the hosting service you were using has blocked you because your IP has reached the maximum number of daily downloads. If you wanna find out how to quickly change IP, follow the steps that I am going to give you and find […]

How to hide your IP address


Congratulations! With your healthy obsession with computer security you have made your PC a real fort: you’ve installed all the best solutions to combat viruses and hackers, you’re attentive to the websites you visit every day … but there is a but … you have not yet thought to make your surfing more private and […]

How to find your router IP address

Router address

You need to access to the configuration panel of your router to open the doors for uTorrent, for example, but when you type the standard router address you can not log into the device? Do not worry, apparently the address of your router is different from what you just used, but it takes no […]