How to Clean Mac

how to cleaning mac

The Mac do not need maintenance, are always fast and applications included in OS Xnever go crash. Clearly this is false myths related to the Mac world that must bedispelled, especially for the sake of those who have chosen to buy an Apple computer. To be honest a basis of truth there. The Mac “take […]

How to change DNS on Mac

How to change DNS on Mac

After reading my guide on how to change DNS, you were able to speed up your Internet connection on your old PC. But now you’re switched to Mac and you don’t know how to accomplish the same task on the computer from Apple. How to change DNS on Mac ? No problem, I am here just for that! If you want to discover how to change DNS on a Mac, you don’t have to do is follow the instructions which I am going to give you and in […]

How to use your PC and Mac as a modem for iPhone

how to use pc and mac as modem for iPhone

You are in a hotel that offers free internet and cable only for your bad luck, in the room where accommodation also signal the iPhone is too weak to be able to go online without wires? Maybe I can give you a hand to straighten out the situation. If you are carrying a laptop equipped […]