How to delete your Facebook profile from Google


Did you look for your name on Google (or another search engine) and you found the link to your Facebook profile? Nothing alarming, it’s a Facebook’s esclusive feature that’s automatically enabled on all profiles, but luckily it can be turned off in a few clicks. Let me explain first what it is. Facebook is a […]

How to surf in incognito on Google Chrome


One of the factors that have made the success of Google Chrome is the incognito mode (also echoed by other competing browsers). The incognito browsing mode, as can be easily guessed from its name, allows you to visit any Web site without the PC traces are left of the navigation. Does not save history, cookies […]

How to encrypt a message


Unfortunately, the nosy relatives are not your own exclusive, even your friends have brothers, sisters and cousins who exploit every opportunity to read without permission emails saved on your PC. Have you ever thought to encrypt messages? There are several free online services, such as Encrypt Easy, which allow you to easily encrypt messages and […]

How to hide your IP address


Congratulations! With your healthy obsession with computer security you have made your PC a real fort: you’ve installed all the best solutions to combat viruses and hackers, you’re attentive to the websites you visit every day … but there is a but … you have not yet thought to make your surfing more private and […]