How to auto click


For work reasons, are you forced to continually click on the same button? Do you want to break an absurd record in an online game but you need to make hundreds of clicks in sequence at the light speed? No doubt, you need GS Auto Clicker. GS Auto Clicker is a free program for Windows […]

How to turn off a PC with a timer


You’re not the one to leave your PC on when you go out with your friends, but maybe you should do something to reduce the power consumption of the computer and never leave it on. What do you think about a timer to automatically turn off the computer when you’re not there? Using the free […]

How to open a RAR archive online


Do you need to open a RAR file on your computer when you’re at school or in your office but the restrictions imposed by the system will not let you install an application fit for purpose? No problem, just open your web browser and use an online service! Today in this article, I’ll explain you […]