How do the fisheye effect with Photoshop

How do the fisheye effect with Photoshop

Fish eye literally means ‘fish eye’ but in photography this term refers to that particular type of photo that lets you see enclosed in a hemisphere views of at least 180 °, exactly as if it were a fish eye in the seabed. All this is possible because the goal makes all curves, straight lines […]

Create a Unique Black and White Abstract wallpaper


There’s one genre of photo-manipulation that we haven’t yet, and that’s the Photoshop Abstract look. In thistutorial, we’ll use illustrated and photographic elements to construct an elegant black and white composite. Although this tutorial focuses on a stark black and white aesthetic, any of these steps we will see can be nicely adapted to the […]

[How to] Instagram your images using Photoshop


Instagram has clearly reinvented the photo sharing system on our social media structure. It’s a very fast, beautiful and fun way to share your pictures to your friends or family. And what I like the most about Instagram, are the various effects it offers you to edit your pictures with your own little touch. My all-time favorite Instagram […]