How to take a screenshot


The screenshots are photos that can be taken to the PC screen without using external equipment. Thanks to them, you can show to the public in the form of images, what happens on the desktop of the computer at a given time. They are particularly useful when you have a problem on your PC and […]

How to hide secret messages in Facebook photos


Would you like to hide messages within common photos and pictures on Facebook? Posts that only someone who knows an extension (the one that I review on this article) and a secret key will be able to decipher? The trick is amazing and really easy to use. I often talk about the privacy on Facebook, […]

Extract pictures from a YouTube video


Would you like to extract a frame from the latest music video from your favorite artist or the climactic scene of a movie? If the videos are hosted on YouTube, you can succeed in an incredibly easy and fast way. All you need to do is to follow the steps that I am going to […]