Cancel Skype Account

How delete Skype account

Did you realize that it is now for months that no longer use Skype and would like to cancel your account from the service? The procedure for deleting the profile of Skype – perhaps as you will have noticed – not as simple as that of other online services, such as Facebook, but just follow […]

Install Skype on Linux


You’ve just installed Linux on your computer and are you looking for valid programs that can replace the ones you used usually on Windows? Well, but why replace them all? By now many applications have a Linux version that works as (and sometimes better) than for Windows or Mac. Skype it’s a clear example. The famous […]

Hidden Skype emoticons art

hidden skype emoticons

If you’re tired of the usual, boring, text conversations on Skype, use the emoticons! I’m not talking about the normal smiley you used for years! I’ m talking about the hidden Skype emoticons that not everyone knows!!! Did you already know about it? You have so much hidden emoticons to use! I’ll show you in […]

How to connect Facebook with Skype


Today we talk about how to connect Facebook with another internet service: Skype. The most popular free VoIP software and instant messaging has been acquired by Microsoft, that has decided to integrate it as much as possible with its partner Facebook. Since the latest version Skype can be connected with Facebook in order to be […]