How to delete Keylogger


Among the many threats that every day  we can meet in our Internet browsing, keyloggers are definitely one of the most dangerous. It is this type of malware, in fact, that the bad guys use to steal passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data that you entered on the keyboards of our PCs. That’s […]

How to uninstall Facemoods


Have you found an annoying additional toolbar called Facemoods in Internet Explorer After downloading a program from the Web? You are not alone. Facemoods is a very popular promotional software that, with the excuse to add emoticons to Facebook chat, invades the navigation with annoying advertisements banner . You can remove it easily. Today we’ll […]

How to uninstall Google Chrome


Did you try Google Chrome but you realized that is not your ideal browser? Do you want to remove it but you don’t know how to do it? Do you love Chrome but it gives you some problems on your Mac or PC and then you want to reinstall it, but you don’t know what […]