Free Dekstop Wallpapers


Would you like to change a bit ‘ the look of your desktop with a newer wallpaper but you do not where to find nice and beautiful wallpapers? Here there are the addresses of some websites dedicated to the free desktop wallpapers that are waiting to get in your bookmarks. Regardless by your tastes or by the type […]

How to translate

Encyclopedia pages showing world flags

Do you speak French or Spanish pretty well but when you surf the Internet you often find yourself with words or ways of saying that you don’t understand? I think I have some advice that’s right for you. With this guide, I want to explain how to translate online phrases, words and entire websites by […]

How to check your connection speed


SpeedTest is one of the services to measure the speed of your Internet connection; one of the most famous and complete available on the Web. It is free, extremely accurate and easy to use even for novice users. It can be used not only on PC (where you just get any browser with support for […]

How to investigate a person online


Is there a person who bothers you via email and would like to find out some more information about her? Did you find a telephone number pinned on the agenda, you can not remember who it belongs to and would like to go back to his identity? With the right tools, you can do it. […]

How to edit photos online


Looking on your pictures on Instagram, did you decide to take some photos that you saved on your PC and edit them using filters and effects such as those you found in the famous smarthphones app? It’s easy, and you do not even need to install new programs on your computer. All you need to […]

How to edit a video online


You posted a video on YouTube, after inspections do you realize that there are some scenes that you’d like to cut but you have no intention to change the movie and upload it back online? Would you like to apply some special effects and songs in the background? Don’t worry, you can do everything online. […]

How to cut a photo online


Do you need to cut some pictures to post on Facebook or Twitter? Are you not an expert in software for photo editing? For such a simple operation there is no need to use Photoshop, GIMP or advanced software of this kind. Just use the convenient free online services. There are so many, all very […]

How to open a RAR archive online


Do you need to open a RAR file on your computer when you’re at school or in your office but the restrictions imposed by the system will not let you install an application fit for purpose? No problem, just open your web browser and use an online service! Today in this article, I’ll explain you […]

How to make a PDF from a word file online


Do you wanna convert a word file into a PDF? Don’t you know how to do it? Don’t worry! There are many free online services that allow you to transform y our Word documents into PDF files. These instruments are compatible with all major browsers and operating systems that do not require a software or […]

How to edit a PDF file online


Do you need to highlight certain passages in a PDF file that was sent to you via email? Do you wanna add annotations but do not you know which program to use? There’s a really good news for you: you can do all this online! By now there are several online services, all free and […]