How to store files online


Would you like to have your documents and your photos always with you, no matter what computer you use? Well, you could store all the important data on USB sticks or external hard drives, but it is a solution rich in potential risks and uncertainties. If you want my advice, put aside the physical devices […]

How to encrypt a message


Unfortunately, the nosy relatives are not your own exclusive, even your friends have brothers, sisters and cousins who exploit every opportunity to read without permission emails saved on your PC. Have you ever thought to encrypt messages? There are several free online services, such as Encrypt Easy, which allow you to easily encrypt messages and […]

How to open an ecommerce on Facebook


Did you decide to open an online store? Why not increase its visibility by offering customers the opportunity to purchase the goods directly from Facebook? How can you do it? Just use Blomming. Blomming is a free online service that allows you to create an online store on which to sell any type of product and […]

Images and photos meme generator


In this article you will find various sites and resources that allow you to create funny and viral pictures to post on Facebook or any other site and social network on the web. The memes are really famous on the web. Hundreds of pages on Facebook publish each day new memes and rage faces with […]

How to check your ADSL speed

Check you adsl speed

Do you want to know your effective ADSL speed? What is the speed in your subscription contract? Have you ever checked it? Follow the instructions in this guide and learn how to check ADSL speed. I’ll show you how to find out the actual speed of your Internet connection in both download and upload. Let’s start […]