How to delete Qone8


Qone8 is a malware that modifies the home page and default search engine in the browser to redirect the user to websites full of advertisements and links fraudulent. It is installed on the PC after downloading software from unreliable sites and unfortunately it is quite difficult to remove. This fortunately does not mean that you have to […]

How to unlock Facebook from a virus


Can you no longer access Facebook and you’re convinced that it’s a virus to block your connection? No panic! With a little patience, you may be able to solve the problem and restore access to Facebook without calling a technician. Try to follow carefully the instructions on how to unlock Facebook by a virus that […]

How to delete Keylogger


Among the many threats that every day  we can meet in our Internet browsing, keyloggers are definitely one of the most dangerous. It is this type of malware, in fact, that the bad guys use to steal passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data that you entered on the keyboards of our PCs. That’s […]

How to clean your PC and make it faster


Are you scared that your PC has been infected by a virus? The computer is much slower than when you bought it and you don’t know how to fix it? No problem. Try to follow the instructions I’m going to tell you in this article. Using the right software you may be able to eradicate […]

How to clean your browser from Virus


Are you scared that your computer has been hit by a virus and you do not know how to fix it without formatting the hard disk? Do you want to know what are the best antiviruses for your PC? Don’t worry, this is the right article for you! Today I’ll show you how to clean […]

How to remove viruses from your Facebook account


One of the most discussed topics on this site is Facebook security. With several articles and guides I have tried to give you the best advice and tips on safety to stay away from scams, to protect the account in a better way and to understand why it is important to protect the account. In […]