How to use your PC and Mac as a modem for iPhone

how to use pc and mac as modem for iPhone

You are in a hotel that offers free internet and cable only for your bad luck, in the room where accommodation also signal the iPhone is too weak to be able to go online without wires? Maybe I can give you a hand to straighten out the situation. If you are carrying a laptop equipped […]

How to steal wifi password


Did you forget the password of the wireless connection in the office and you do not know how to recover it? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! Indeed, in this article I want you to explain how to steal the wifi password by using a couple of free solution that allows you to discover […]

How to protect a wifi network


The Wi – Fi connection is crucial in our society among smartphones, laptops and game consoles. Even if you’re in your house, you use a  router that allows you to be connected to the Internet wirelessly with all your devices, but maybe you do not know that the privacy of your network is at risk. […]