How to monitor a website


Thanks to RSS feeds, we have the opportunity to receive all news and posts published on the websites in one place. Unfortunately, not all sites offer the ability to subscribe to feeds and force us to visit them every day to know if they have been updated. For this reason today we talk about NotiPage. […]

How to take a screenshot


The screenshots are photos that can be taken to the PC screen without using external equipment. Thanks to them, you can show to the public in the form of images, what happens on the desktop of the computer at a given time. They are particularly useful when you have a problem on your PC and […]

How to spy a PC


When you leave the house, do you usually leave your PC on to download some files from the Internet, edit videos, or perform other operations that take a long time? Would you like to be able to remotely monitor the status of  your PC while you’re at work or at a friend’s house? No problem, […]

How to list all files of a directory on Windows


Did you decide to start to catalog the files on your PC, creating a list of movies, songs, photos and games you have saved on the hard disk, but shudder at the thought of having to open all the folders and transcribe one by one the file names? You can find the solution to your […]

How to uninstall Google Chrome


Did you try Google Chrome but you realized that is not your ideal browser? Do you want to remove it but you don’t know how to do it? Do you love Chrome but it gives you some problems on your Mac or PC and then you want to reinstall it, but you don’t know what […]

How to find out your social networks passwords


I am often contacted by people who have problems logging into Facebook or other social media websites, or who have been the victim of stolen passwords and can’t log in. The story is always similar: those who have found or stolen the password have also changed the email password connected to the social account making […]