How to turn off a PC with a timer

You’re not the one to leave your PC on when you go out with your friends, but maybe you should do something to reduce the power consumption of the computer and never leave it on. What do you think about a timer to automatically turn off the computer when you’re not there?

Using the free program Sleep Timer, you can set your PC to turn off automatically at a specified time (or after a certain period of time), so do not waste too much electricity when you leave it on and you’re not at home. Let’s see how to turn off the PC with the timer using it!


If you want to know how to turn off the PC with the timer, the first step you need to take is to connect to the Internet site of Sleep Timer and click on the button Zum Download which is located at the bottom of the page to download the program on your PC.

Sleep Timer does not require installation to work, so all you need to do to use it is to open the file you just downloaded SleepTimer.exe with a double click and confirm the operation by clicking the Run button. You can move the application to any folder and also copy it to a USB stick if you want. It will work the same.


At this point, you just have to set the time you want the PC to turn off. Set the Time item in the Mode drop-down menu, make sure that there is the Shutdown option selected in the Action drop-down menu and set the time you turn off your PC in two text fields located next to Perform action.

Now, click the play button and wait for the expiration of the countdown displayed at the bottom of the window. At the end of the countdown, a message appears that warn you about the imminent Windows turn off, and after a few seconds, your PC will shut down automatically closing all running programs.


You can also set Sleep Timer so that shuts down the PC after a certain number of hours / minutes from the current time or after a certain time of inactivity. Simply select the items or Inactivity Countdown Mode drop-down menu instead of Time.

You also point out that you can restart the PC or send it into hibernation instead of turning it off. In this case, just change the option in the drop-down menu in the Action Restart or Hibernate.