Facebook has provided some tools to let fan communicate with the page owners. Fans can send a message, write on the wall, comment on posts, etc. But nothing is better than a direct channel through the emails. An application allows you to add a contact form to a Facebook page.

It’s called the Contact Tab and allows you to add a tab to the pages you admin and allow fans to send messages to a preset email address. Why redirecting users to a website when you can do everything directly from a Facebook page?


The action is really easy: just connect to the application page (contact tab) and click on the button at the top of the page  “Add to your Fan Page.” Then select the page (or pages) to which you want to insert the contact form and click on “Add Page Tab”.


Now the contact form is already installed and visible on the page, but for a correct operation you’ll have to configure it out at first. Visit your page and click on the new tab “Contact Us” below the cover image.

Now insert the informations of your company, organization, etc.. The application allows you to view the classic information contact such as company name, website, email address (which will be used to receive e-mails sent with the form), but you can also add descriptions, logo and insert links to social channels like twitter account, facebook, and other social networks.


Among the various configurations I recommend to set “Facebook comments” to “Hide”, in this way you can’t see the comments box of the application (common to all contact forms because of an error).


By saving the information the contact form is ready to be used by users.


Finally, in order to fully customize the new tab created you can choose the name and image of the tab. Visit the administration panel of the page (if you do not know how to access: visit the page and click the “Edit page” -> “Update Information”) from the left menu select the “Applications”, then click on “Edit Settings “corresponding to the ” Contact tab “and choose if you want to assign a custom name to the card and / or if you want to customize the picture.