We know it’s very important among the web to talk about free antivirus systems. Reaching an high quality of protection often means to pay lots of money and spend so much time complaining with the complexity of the program.

With AVG free antivirus, we do not have this kind of problem!

AVG antivirus

The famous software for computer security from the homonymous Czech company has won the Windows users due to its usability ( combined with a good degree of effectiveness ) and has now expanded its scope to other platforms. Today, in fact , there are also some free versions for mobile devices.

The first protects your system in real time by recognizing malwares (same for Mac and windows), the second provides an all- in-one kit that improves the performance of smartphones and tablets , allowing – moreover – to recover them in case of loss.

To download AVG Antivirus Free on your PC (Windows ). Connect to the program’s website and click on the first button and then AVG Antivirus Free Download, Free Download.When you’re done with the download -> open, click on it.


Therefore to continue you must accept the terms of use, of the program by clicking on the Agree button, put a check mark next to Basic Protection and click Next two times in a row first , and then Finish to complete the setup of the AVG antivirus. You will download some necessary components and sources for installation of the software, so make sure you have an active Internet connection.

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AVG will automatically start supplying to update antivirus definitions. In the standard updates the Antivirus works to better define every malware definitions. When the operation is completed, I suggest you perform a full system scan by clicking on the button with the three horizontal lines placed next to the phrase and selecting Full system scan in the screen that appears. The scan may takes several hours.


If you’re using a MAC, you can download AVG Free antivirus on your computer by connecting to the website of the program and clicking on the AVG Anti-virus for Mac Currently , the software is only available in English.

When the download is completed , then open the file you just downloaded and launch the installation package named Install AVG AntiVirus that is on the inside. In the open window, first click on the Continue button, and then click Agree and Install.

Then type the password for your user account on OS X and complete the installation process clicking Install Software and then click Close. At this point , run a virus scan of the system by clicking on the Scan button. Once you have completed the procedure , make sure that real-time monitoring of the antivirus is active, we recommend to let it active for a better monitoring.


In conclusion, We want to recommend you the AVG free version for mobile devices; it is a very great way to block all the malware and dangerous software you may approach on the internet field. As mentioned at the beginning of the post it may be a great tool to prevent the mobile-loss, as well. It also offers features for smartphones and tablets to remotely locate lost, erase the stored data stored and much more.

Give it a try here folks!