Avira Free Antivirus (as known as Avira) is one of the best antivirus engines available nowadays. Like we’ve seen with AVG this software provides you a very efficient protection against any kind of viruses.

It’s provided with a real-time scanning engine that is able to protect your computer from any virus or malware, without impacting negatively on the system’s speed. We have to say that Avira has a very effective update system that automatically sets updates and more.

Among the various features there’s the Protection Cloud, a cloud computing system that analyzes suspicious files through an online database with an immediately returning response about their degree of reliability ( Without overloading your system ). Let’s begin the installation process and We will see now all the other features of this very useful software.

Avira free antivirus 1

First, for the installation of Avira Free Antivirus you must be connected to the Internet. Then you’ve to visit the official Avira’s site and click on the Free Download button here. When the download is active, double click on it and run the file you got (avira_free_antivirus.exe).

Now , you’ve to accept the license agreement to complete the installation. After the Installation is completed, Avira will start to automatically update all the definitions of the virus.

As some of you may know yet, we always suggest you all to take time and do a Full Scan activity first, to make sure your software is well-configured and integrated properly with the hardware. This may take several hours: everything it’s up to the amount of data on your drives.

Avira free antivirus 2

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Avira Free Antivirus also includes a cloud computing technology that sends the fingerprint of the suspicious file to Avira servers, it compares them with an online database. This method allows you to quickly find out if the suspicious files are really dangerous or not.

Normally, this task is performed automatically by the software; but if you want, you can set it manually to monitor the files you may think are suspicious.

Avira free antivirus 3

The protection of the Avira is also available diretcly on the web. Chrome users can simply add the extension to their browser.

It is an add-on for Google’s browser signaling sites unreliable in online searches (using some special colored traffic lights), it prevents the access to dangerous sites and disable unwanted tracking done by some scripts for online advertising.

If you want to get it, you can visit this page, click on Free and download your extension.