Facebook is a continuous distraction; we open it to take a little break for a few minutes and we always end up wasting hours to browse through the newsfeed. This can be “positive” if we have some freetime we don’t know how to spend, but if it interferes with the study or the work may be useful to limit this distraction. Let’s see a simple way to do it.

Today we mark a new extension, it’s called News Feed Eradicator for Facebook. A name that perfectly describes its operation; the extension should eliminate (or hide) any news from the wall section, deleting any distractions to the root.

facebook distraction

News Feed Eradicator for Facebook, it is completely free and now available for Google Chrome’s users. You can check it and download it here. After you’ve got it on the store, you can simply come back on your Facebook’s home and get a completely empty wall, with all posts momentarily removed and replaced by one quote.

It’s true that the extension hides any news from the newsfeed. Although it allows to visit profiles and pages, receive notifications and messages, and friends request. You can chat too.

At this point you would say, isn’t more easy don’t Facebook ? Not really. You are also aware that you will always end up wasting time . But the real waste of time, is to spending your time reading or browsing the news on the homepage, even if you don’t mind of all of that.

The news feed eradicator leaves active the chance to receive the news from the pages to receive notifications via post. Last but not the least , it eliminates ads! This extension is therefore very great and useful to help you concentrating in studying or working.


How to disable the extension

When you want to return to see all the news you can just disable the extension. To disable any extension on Google Chrome you must visit the extensions page (accessible directly at chrome settings > extensions ) on your browser.

To access this page you can click on three horizontal chrome Settings menu in the upper right on the toolbar of the browser.

Select Tools -> Extensions.
Search the extension ” news feed eradicator ” and remove the check from the “active” .  Turn off the chrome extension, then. If you wish to remove it from the browser, click on the trash in the right.


Try it for few days sure you’ll double your productivity. Give it a try!