Can I back up a Facebook page? Facebook provides the function for the profile (read how to backup your profile), but with the page, how do you do? You need to use an application. Facebook allows you to make a backup of the profile and save all the data such as photos,videos, friends list, messages and conversations.

But what about the pages? How is it possible to save all the data from a page? Today we mark a-service application that allows you to backup not only the profile but also the pages. It’s called Backupify, let’s see how it works!


How to back up a Facebook page

Backupify is a service that allows you to backup several social services such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Contacts, Flickr, Picasa and Blogger. Among the backup options for Facebook is available schedule backups for your profile or to one or more pages you administer. The service is free up to 3 services, with 1GB of space. To start get access to this page and click on the “sign-up” service on MyCloudPersonal.


Sign up and visit the configuration page of your backups. Click on Facebook Page.


 Now authorize the application to manage the pages you administer and choose the page you want to backup.

Backupify allows you to select various options to download: comments, links, photos, videos, create events, groups, notes, and any information related to this page. It will back up in a few minutes (the time depend on the data on the page) and will inform you by email when the backup is ready.

At that point you can go to the backup, display the information contained in it and, if you wish, request the download archive (by clicking on the button “request an export”).