There are lots of things we want to see in a mobile browser, things such his cloaks speeds, his interface and his friendly-usability, so let’s see together if anyone of the many browser available on Play store can finally fits our needs.

Below there’s a list of some of the most comprehensive browser for Android device and reliable currently available on Google Play with their main features. There’s not a single winner of this title, anyone can do his best, we can say it’s all up to the user experience and his feedback. We suggest to try allo of them. They are completely free.

Let’s start with that Google Chrome is the best browser for Android especially for those who use it on PC, this because it is able to synchronize the navigation data ( bookmarks, passwords , tabs, and so on) with all devices regardless of their OS .

Even in the mobile keeps its speed in loading pages – which can be “helped” by a technology of small tablets of data – and advanced features such as Incognito and the ability to view the sites in desktop mode .

Other very popular browser in the desktop that takes most of its features is Firefox on Android . The mobile version of the Mozilla browser is able to synchronize data and settings with its PC counterpart (or other portable devices) and has a wide range of extensions that can be used to expand the functions of the apps according to your needs.

 In terms of performance and security is perhaps slightly less than Chrome, but nothing dramatic.

The best antivirus for android device

Among the main contenders in the palm of best Android browser Dolphin Browser is a valid one alternative. Less known than Chrome or Firefox, It is a very lightweight browser , fast and full of interesting features that can rely on a number of extensions to perform various operations , such as convert web pages to PDF files, manage passwords and view sites in the desktop version.

It can Sync navigation data and settings across multiple devices and last but not the least, through a dedicated extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari  you can send content directly to your PC. We strongly suggest to give it a try.

Another one we’ve to mention is Next Browser , which has a user interface particularly clean and , more importantly, many interesting features .

One of these is the home page, which in addition to previews of the most visited sites includes news updated in real time from sources that are fully customizable. It also supports multiple extensions, including those of Pocket, Facebook and Evernote , and synchronization of data navigation with Chrome. It just doesnt run very well on the older devices.

The best antivirus for android device

For Those who are looking for the best browser to install on older Android phones or underperforming devices can try Opera Mini which is very light and has a data compression technology that promises to save you up to 90% of traffic.

The full version of Opera for Android, on the other hand, features a more polished and other cool features, like the ability to manage the downloads and read news from major newspapers online in one convenient screen tabs.

Another extremely lightweight and fast browser we’ve to mention is Naked Browser literally stripped down to weigh as little as possible on system resources. Among its functions there are automatic recovery from the crashes, the ability to restore closed tabs, zooming with only one finger, and more.

Essential, safe and fast. What a nice one!