Do you hate to receive invitations from friends to Farmville, cityville, mafia and other games and applications that you do not care nothing about? Are you tired to notice that these applications automatically post messages on your wall? Would you like to stop all this once and for all, permanently?
If you use Facebook just to stay in touch with your friends and do not mind the thousands of games and applications I will explain how to disable the platform of games and applications on Facebook.


IMPORTANT INTRODUCTION: when you turn off the platform you can not use any game or application on Facebook and the social plug-ins that allow you to connect with external sites will also be turned off.
To turn off the platform:
– Go to your applications settings page 
– Click “edit” the right of the question “Use applications, plug-ins, games and websites on Facebook and elsewhere?”


– Now click on “Turn off the platform” – Select all the applications (or just the ones you want to turn off) and click Disable platform. How to alert Facebook, disabling applications will eliminate any information associated with them permanently.


That’s it, since now you will not receive any invitation to games and applications disabled.

Facebook warns that:

If you turn off the platform, you can not use Facebook applications and integrations of third-party websites. If you want to use these Web sites and applications with Facebook, reactivates the platform. The use of the platform allows you to transfer the experience alive on Facebook to other Web sites and applications that you use on the Web or on your mobile phone. In this way Facebook will receive information about your use of the applications and third-party websites for you to live better and more personalized experience.

If you turn off Platform applications:

  • You can not access Web sites or applications using Facebook.
  • Your friends will not be able to interact with you and share items using applications and Web sites.
  • It’s also turned off the instant personalization.
  • The applications that you previously installed may still be in possession of information that you shared with them. Contact these applications to get information on how to remove this data.