Did you realize that it is now for months that no longer use Skype and would like to cancel your account from the service? The procedure for deleting the profile of Skype – perhaps as you will have noticed – not as simple as that of other online services, such as Facebook, but just follow a few simple instructions to do so.

What you have to do to delete Skype account is connect to the Internet site of the service and “alter” the personal information associated with your profile (name, surname etc.) So as to make no more detectable by other users.

How delete Skype account

Later, you have to take the final closing of the profile to a support person of Skype, an operation that can take away easily chat. This explains everything in detail.

The first step you need to take to delete Skype account you connect to the Internet site of the service, and access to your profile using the data that you normally use to enter the program.

At this point, scroll down the page that opens up and down and click on the Edit Profile item. This will open the card with all the details of your account, click and click Edit button located next to the words Personal and Replace all of your personal information with information in the case (eg. Abcde, Qwerty and so on).

When the operation is completed, click on the green button Save and repeat the operation with the field to your contact information (home phone, cell phone, etc.). To change the primary email address, click the link Add e-mail address, enter an alternate address and set it as the primary address, then Provvedi to erase the other.

Now you have emptied your Skype by all the information that allow other users to find you, so in theory you could also stop here, but if you want you can ask for the definitive cancellation of your Skype account by contacting support via chat and upon written request.

To request a chat conversation with Skype support, linked to this Web page, log back into your account and select the items and account password> Deleting an account from the drop down menu and click Next. Then select the voice service via chat and you will have the ability to request the definitive cancellation of your profile to an operator.

How to delete Skype account

If you sign in to Skype with a Microsoft account (Outlook / Hotmail), to delete Skype account you must connect to the Internet site of the service, click on the item Microsoft Account and log in.

At this point, scroll the page that pops up at the bottom and click on the item Edit Profile and then delete the personal data of your Skype profile as seen above.

Once completed this procedure, if you want to permanently close your Microsoft account linked to this Web page and log in using your profile data Outlook / Hotmail. Then select the item Safety and password from the left sidebar, click on the option and close the account at the bottom of the page that opens.

How delete Skype accountConfirm the operation by clicking the Next button and follow the directions on the screen and the game will be done in a few seconds. Beware, though: deleting your Microsoft account you can not even access to other services of the company, such as Outlook, Xbox Live and Office Online.

Before you delete a Microsoft account, remember also to cancel all paid subscriptions active on your account, such as those of Office 365 or Xbox Live Gold, by visiting this page.