Is it possible to chat on Facebook from another website or you’re forced to stay connected on Would not it be nice to keep chatting even when you go on other sites? On this article I’ll explain how to do it.

Chatting on Facebook is very easy: just connect on and use the chat from the sidebar on the right side of the screen. You choose a friend and you can start to chat. You have, however, to stay connected on Facebook and be distracted by the dozens of news published by friends and pages on the news feed.

The fact is this: if you start chatting on Facebook time flies without realizing

What if could you bring out the chat from Facebook? What if it is also possible to chat from other sites without necessarily being connected to the social networks?

There are various applications that allow you to chat without necessarily being connected on One of these applications is also developed by the same Facebook, the Facebook Messenger. These apps are, however, some real programs to be installed on your computer. Today I want you to talk about something different: a browser extension.

How to bring out the chat from

What we mark today is a very useful extension available for Chrome browser, Firefox and Safari. It’s called Tawea and allows you to bring the Facebook chat outside the domain to continue to chat when browsing the web on any site.


Visit the website and click on “Install Tawea in your browser.” Follow the instructions on the screen. When asked you have to authorize the application to access your profile and your messages on Facebook.

That’s it, you will notice the chat at the bottom right on the pages you visit.

On the small search bar you can find friends you want to chat with. With the gear wheel icon you can change the settings and choose whether to stay online (“keep me logged in”), show in your friends list only those connected on Facebook, disconnect from Tawea or report a bug to the developer of the extension.