Have you ever wanted to be more connected with your fans? Have you ever wanted a chat on your Facebok page?Among the dozens of applications reported in the articles of the blog, today I’ll talk to you on how to enter a chat on a Facebook page!

Today, by the “Forum For Pages” developers, we announce a new application that permit you to enter a chat on Facebook pages.

The application is called Chat for Pages and you can install it on your page from here: http://apps.facebook.com/chatroomforpages/.

Select the page (or pages) in which you wish to enter the chat, and in a few econds you will find a new card installed on your page with a chat already up and running. To start chatting, simply click the “Start chat” button and authorize the application “Chat for Pages”.


Here are the main features of the application:

  • Private chat between two users and public chat for everyone.
  • Ability for users to send notifications to friends to inform them that they are chatting.
  • Ability to write colored text and add emoticons.
  • Ability to tag other users in the public chat.

Is this an excellent solution to communicate with fans or not? What do you think? I’m sure your fans will love it!

Neat Chat is a similar application that, like the previous one, it adds a chat to pages and groups, and also allows files sharing between users.

Did you already install it? Will you install it after reading this article? Let me know what do you think about, and first of all, let me know if your fans page appreciated it and what they think about it!!! Enjoy it and have fun!