SpeedTest is one of the services to measure the speed of your Internet connection; one of the most famous and complete available on the Web. It is free, extremely accurate and easy to use even for novice users. It can be used not only on PC (where you just get any browser with support for Flash Player), but also on smartphones. Here’s how to test the connection speed using it.


If you want to learn how to test the connection speed , the first step you need to take is to log in to the website SpeedTest and click on the item START TEST. At this point, the service will begin to measure the actual speed of your ADSL/Cable connection calculating first ping times (latency) and then the download and upload speed. Within seconds you’ll see a summary screen like the one you see below, in which there are the three values ​​just mentioned.

How easy to understand, high values ​​in download and upload are signs of a good Internet connection, while ping must have a low value. Having a lower latency, in fact, have better performance in online games and in all those applications where the response time of the server play a key role.
To get accurate test results with ADSL, you must make sure that before you click on START TEST there are no applications running on your PC, smartphone or any other device connected to the home network that consumes a lot of bandwidth (example P2P software, streaming video, downloading games and so on).

You can also customize the unit of measure by which to view the results of SpeedTest. Just click on the Settings button located at the top right and choose your preferred unit of measurement between kbps, kylobytes, megabits and megabytes from the drop measurement speed.


Would you like to check the connection speed on your smartphone? Well, you have to know that it is available in the official app SpeedTest for iPhone and Android that allows you to measure the speed of your Internet connection makes it extremely easy and fast without resorting to the PC, while also offering the ability to monitor the progress (or setbacks ) carried out by a measurement to another.

To test the connection speed on the iPhone or Android, download the official app of SpeedTest.net from the App Store or Google Play, start the application and press the button Begin Test to start the test. Also in this case , it will be measured before the time relative to the table and then will be carried out the test for speed of download and upload.

Once you get the test results , you can view a history of all measurements made with SpeedTest on your mobile RESULTS pressing the button of the app , while pressing on TOOLS you can decide the unit of measurement to use in between Mbps and kB s.

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