We know that Facebook is a “positive” social network, it does not allow us to dislike posts or comments and does not allow us to check which of our friends removed us from the list. For years people tried to develop sites and extensions to bridge this functionality.

Find out who removes us from friends is one of the most sought curiosity among the social network users (along with discover who visit our profile). Today we will mark a new Google Chrome extension that allows you to receive a notification in case someone removes us from friends on Facebook.

Check your lost friend list

Its name is Unfriend Notify, it’s totally free, but it’s available only for Chrome users for the moment. To install it just click “Free” and you’ll be able to download and get it.

After you’ve download it and added to Chrome’s extension list (visit here to land on the page), you’ll be able to notify a new voice on the menu “Lost Friends” which, you simply can imagine, will notify to us all the people who’ve decided to remove us from the friend list.

We look forward to beware you from all the fakes applications that promise you to show how many people visit regularly your profile. ( Check here to see why you must distrust this kind of software.)