Are you scared that your computer has been hit by a virus and you do not know how to fix it without formatting the hard disk? Do you want to know what are the best antiviruses for your PC? Don’t worry, this is the right article for you!

Today I’ll show you how to clean your PC from viruses using some of the best free solutions currently available on the Net (as well as the easiest to use). Let’s see!


If you are looking for a free solution on how to clean your PC from viruses , you should install Avast , which is one of the more comprehensive and reliable free antivirus software currently available on the Net. Connect to the Internet site of Avast and click the Download completely free button first and then click No thanks , I want the free download to protect the program on your PC.

When the download is complete open the file, double clicking on it, ( avast_free_antivirus_setup.exe ) and in the window that opens, click Yes on first and then on Install Express , Next , Next and Finish to install Avast antivirus on your computer. Together with the antivirus  are also installed the Google Chrome browser and the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer , uncheck the appropriate options located at the bottom left if you don’t want to install them.

Now you have to register your free copy of Avast , so that your personal license to be extended to 365 days. Login therefore to the main screen of the program by clicking on its icon located next to the clock in Windows, click on the green REGISTER placed in the top right and click on Register to activate the program. You will need to enter your email or connect with the access data to Facebook.

When the operation is completed, start a complete scan of your PC by selecting the Security tab from the home screen of the software, selecting the Antivirus from the left sidebar and click on the Start button located next to the phrase Full system scan .


If you want to clean your PC from virus but you can not log in to Windows , you can use a floppy disk so-called first-aid . It is an antivirus auto-starting to burn to a blank CD / DVD that can be used in an independent manner with respect to the operating system . In this way, you can eradicate even the most difficult viruses that prevent Windows from starting correctly .

One of the best discs of first-aid available on the Net is  Avira Antivirus. Connect to the Internet site of Avira using a pc “healthy ” and click on the green arrow located to the phrase ISO to download the ISO image on your computer Avira Rescue System .


When the download is completed , you must burn Avira Rescue System on any blank CD/DVD using any program suitable for the purpose (example, ImgBurn , Nero , etc. .).

After burning , you have to insert the disk in your computer with Avira “cure” and wait for the system to boot through it.

Once started you have to start a scan with Avira Rescue System. All you have to do is click on Accept and follow the on-screen wizard . You have to click on Start wizard , select the hard disk to be scanned (example C 🙂 and click on Next to control the unit ( after Avira antivirus definitions will be updated , if there is an Internet connection available ) .


If you’re using a PC equipped with Windows 8, you have to know that it is already installed on your system a good free antivirus. This is Windows Defender, which has evolved compared to the versions included in previous editions of Windows, and also offers effective protection against computer viruses (Microsoft Security Essentials incorporates within it).

To perform a full scan of your PC with Windows Defender for Windows 8 Start Screen go into the operating system, try Defender and start the program by clicking on its icon. In the window that opens, put a check mark next to the item and click on Complete PC Clean to start the cleaning procedure on the computer.