Even on Android applications generate temporary data. Taken individually, these data do not take up much space, but if you use a smartphone equipped with little storage capacity and install many apps on it, that’s when the cache begins to take on a considerable size.

With the guide of today, I explain how to clear your cache on Android and get rid of these data in order to free up space on smartphones and tablets. The operation is very simple and does not involve any risk to the stability of the system, so do not waste any more time and let’s get to work immediately!


Let’s start seeing how to empty the cache for individual Android applications installed on your smartphone (or tablet). To clear the cache of an app on Android, you have to go in System Settings and select items Applications> Manage applications from the menu that appears.

In the screen that opens, select the name of the app for which you want to clear your cache and press the Clear Cache button located in the lower right corner to complete the operation. Please do not press the Clear Data button, otherwise erase the data of the app (such as your account information, preferences, etc.).


If you want to empty the cache of more Android applications simultaneously , you need another application that allows you to do this in an easy manner. I recommend you leave one in particular, is called App Cache Cleaner and is very intuitive for anyone who is not an expert on Android.

App Cache Cleaner to install on your phone/tablet, open the Google Play Store, look for the application of the latter inside and press the download button. Alternatively, visit this web page from your PC, click on the Install button and wait for the app is first downloaded and then installed on your Android device (which of course must be connected to the Internet).

When the download is completed, start App Cache Cleaner, presses the Agree button to accept the terms of use and wait for all the data cache of the applications installed on the device. When finished, press the Clear All button and you’re done!