If you found a video on Facebook and you’d like to save the audio track to mp3, on this article I talk about a very simple service, which, just like the dozens of services that allow you to download music from YouTube, does the same thing on Facebook.
What do you have to do if you only care about the background music of a video? Do you have to download the video and then extract the audio track? Of course not. Just use fb2mp3, a service that already from the name clearly explains what it does.


All you need is the URL of the video on Facebook (make sure it is shared by a page or a profile but with public policy, otherwise  the service we will use will fail to capture it).

Then just visit the fb2mp3 site and paste the URL of the video from which we want to download the music. Select whether to scan the audio quality in normal or high quality, click on the “go” button.


In a few moments FB2MP3 has the mp3 file ready to be downloaded. Now all you have to do is just click “Download: [file name]” to begin downloading the file on your computer. That’s it.
A very simple and useful to easily extract audio tracks from videos on Facebook, but unfortunately music videos on Facebook will turn a few. Unlike YouTube, Facebook chooses to block any video makes use of copyrighted songs, deleting and blocking the loading of additional video (first for 30 days and, in repeated violation, permanently) to the profile that downloaded it.

It couldn’t be easier than that! What do you think about it? Now you can really enjoy your Facebook video everywhere you want! Do your friends already know about this possibility? No? Well, talk to them about it, share your new informations and have fun!:)