Did you buy an e-book but you can’t join it because it is in .pdf? Do you wanto to make it readable on your device?

There are many software and free online services that allow you to convert PDF to ePub ensuring a good quality for the output file , within the limits of the possible. Yes, you read that right : all for free , 100% !

Find out why these tools are essentials, and let us illustrate how to best use them to enjoy all the PDFs you want on your favorite e- book reader. I assure you that it is so much simpler and faster than you can imagine .

The best free software to convert PDF to ePub is Calibre, which is not only a converter but a real e-book manager that helps you organize your digital library , sync it with all major models of e-book readers trade and much more. It has an endless number of advanced features , including the download of meta-data from the Internet.

To download it to your computer , visit this page and click on the download link . Open then the installation package of the software , accept the terms in the License Agreement and click first on the Install button , and then click Yes and Finish finish the setup.

At this point, it should start the initial setup of Calibre : select the PC folder where you want to store the application’s library and click Next , then choose the model of e-book readers you have and click on Next and Finish to complete the wizard.

To convert a PDF to ePub with Calibre , what you have to do is to click the Add books button you see in the upper left corner and select the book you want to convert . When the work is imported into the Calibre library , select the title and click Convert books ( in the toolbar at the top ) .

In the window that opens, select the EPUB from the drop-down menu located at the top right and use the form below to enter information about the title and author of the work ( if necessary). Then click on the OK button and wait for the conversion comes to an end . You can follow the progress of the conversion works via the icon located at the bottom right .

See here how to edit a pdf file online


When the operation is completed, you can open the EPUB file generated by Calibre directly on your PC by selecting the name of the book from the library and clicking on EPUB located on the right or you can open the folder that contains the file by clicking on the Click to open.

Calibre also allows you to customize the settings for the files to be converted. After clicking on the Convert books and have selected the EPUB format from the drop- down menu at the top right , you need to go to the item EPUB Output ( in the sidebar on the left) and enable or disable each setting ( Division page breaks , etc. Cover ) .

In addition, in the detection of the structure you can change the criteria by which the software must detect the end of the chapters of the books. I recommend, however : access to these settings only if you really know where you’re putting your hands .

If you are looking for a more ” smart ” to convert PDF to ePub and do not like to install new programs on your computer , try to turn to DocsPal . It is an online service which I have already spoken several times in the past, which allows you to convert among them a large number of different file types . It’s completely free and does not require installation of any software or plugin on your PC.


To use it, connect to its home page, click on the Browse button and select the PDF document to be converted into ePub. You can select files with a maximum weight of 50MB. At this point, select the EPUB Convert to from the dropdown menu and click on the Convert button to start the conversion process of the e-book.

When the operation is completed, you will see a link with the same name of the book converted into the bottom of the page. Click on it and the file will be downloaded in ePub format on your computer instantly.