Are you looking for an easy and instant way to share your passions and your knowledge with others? Do you love writing and you think that one day could become your job? There is no doubt, you need to start a blog and start writing about everything that interests you.

How you say? Not a member yet very experienced PC and do not know how to create a free blog ? Do not worry. On the Internet there are lots of possibilities to open a blog, some really simple to use and does not require any technical knowledge from the user. Just sign up and start posting! So, what do you say if we see someone together? I feel that I have before me a future blog-star!


One of the most comprehensive and popular platforms to create a blog is WordPress. It is a CMS (content management system) free and open source very sturdy that can be installed on any web space and enriched with custom functionality through the use of plug-ins developed by third parties.

You have two ways to create blogs with WordPress: that offered by site that allows you to create free sites “prepackaged” on a space offered at no cost (with some limitations, such as the inability to install plug-in or insert advertising in the blog) or the “manual” that is to purchase a web space and the installation of WordPress in the latter.

If you do not have special needs and want to open just a personal blog, the first solution is perfect to begin with. On the other hand you have to do to connect to the Internet site, click on the start button! and fill out the form you will be proposed by typing the address you want to assign to your blog (the address will be [name of blog], the user name and password to use for access and address e-mail. After a quick start wizard to publish the blog online.

In case you have aspirations a little ‘higher, you should instead proceed with the purchase of a Web space and manually install WordPress on it. Then connected to the website and click the Download button to download WordPress 3.5.1 WordPress on your PC. When the download is completed, you have to extract the contents of the archive you just downloaded ( to any folder and edit the file wp-config-sample.php with Notepad, following the instructions in the file itself .

how to join to wordpress

This is done, you have to load a program to FTP the WordPress files to your web space and connect to the [address of your blog] /wp-admin/install.php to complete the process of creating your blog. Find more details on this in my guide on how to create a blog with WordPress and how to manage a WordPress blog.

Another great free platform for creating a blog is Google’s Blogger that despite offering free space allows everyone to earn money with your website by placing it in AdSense ads. If you want to try it, connected to the main page of the service and click on the REGISTER button (located at the top right) to create a Google account and proceed with the wizard of your blog.

create new blog

If you already have a Google account, you can create your own blog on Blogger Blog by simply clicking on the New button and filling out the form that appears typing the title of the blog, the address to be assigned and choosing the theme to use. Once you complete the initial configuration of the site, you can start writing the post by clicking on the button with the pencil icon. To change settings, themes, and other details, you must instead click on the button with the two sheets placed next to the name of the blog on the main page of Blogger.

When you’ve finished creating your blog, whatever platform you’ve chosen, do not forget to take a look at my guide on how to sponsor your blog to find out how to increase quickly the number of visitors to your new site. You will not regret!