The cover image is the most important image on the timeline. It’s the first visual element that gets noticed (along with the profile picture) when you visit a timeline or a page on Facebook. For this reason it is the most important thing to customize and make unique.

The Rules of Facebook in this regard leaves the almost complete freedom: the main rule is that the cover is unique, and that identifies the profile to the best. You can add photos, text, links and any other visual elements. You can play around short in creativity to the maximum.

personalized covers

Today I show you a new resource to create customized covers. It’s one of the best instruments on the web. Complete, powerful and easy to use.

How to create cover images with Coverbud


Coverbud is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to give a touch of style to his timeline creating a cover image unique and personalized. Creating a unique image is really simple.

1) Visit the site and log in with Facebook (click on “Login with Facebook” button).

2 )Choose one of the layouts that you can find on the homepage or browse the popular ones or newer from the top of the menu.

3) After clicking on you’re favorite type of cover click on the “Customize” to start customizing it. You will need to authorize the application to have access to your photos; or authorize it as a page if you’re creating a cover image for a Facebook page.

4) At this point you can play around with the tools made available by Coverbud. It’s possible to insert and customize shapes, text, colors, size and font of the text on the cover and position these elements.

When the work isdone click on the “Preview” button to post a preview of the cover on your profile (or on your page).

timeline with coverbud