Ever since Facebook has introduced the timeline for the pages, you can customize what are called “tabs” or “tab” and insert HTML code in them or upload any content or even use iframe and load external content.

Facebook Pages are more customizable than profiles: everything you need are the right applications; it’s this that allows you to add new tabs to the default ones.

The tabs can be hidden, you change their position, or, if added by applications, definitely removed. This Article will guide and teach you about how to add and customize these kind of tabs, changing the title, position, and the displayed image.

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Adding Tabs in your page

To add tabs to the page, as we mentioned before, it is necessary to use the applications. Below there is a list of apps you can use to get better tabs.

  • Hiding content to non-fans (with the application Woobox)
  • Create a website with Facebook (with the application Page Yourself)
  • Create surveys, offers and competitions (with the app Wishpond)
  • Add a contact form (with Contact Tab)
  • Add chat rooms and forums (with chat and forums for pages)
  • Add custom tabs (multiple content types for Tab Page Community)

When the other tabs by default are added two or more tabs, you can view them by clicking on the little number on the right of the last tab (see image).

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How to change the title and image for a tab

After clicking on the number to view the complete list of tabs, hover the cursor on the tab that you want to customize and click on the pencil in the upper-right corner.

From the menu you can choose to change the position of the tab, delete it (by removing it from my favorites), decide if completely uninstall the application that has added to the page, or copy the direct link (from “Link to this page”) or maybe decide to change some of the options.

edit settings

Click on “Edit Settings” you can customize the name and image of the tab. Then you can simply access to modify your tab image, remember it must be 111×74 pixel, less heavy than 5mb. JPG, GIF o PNG are the only accepted formats.