Do you want to renew your Facebook profile with original photos and covers? Don’t you know how to create optimized images for social networks? You’re on the right article!

We’re going to see how to adapt our photos to various image formats supported by the most popular social network in the world. Follow it and you can create a super professional looking profile!


Let’s start this guide on how to cut a photo to Facebook from the profile , the one that appears in the comments and below the cover photo. Size 160 by 160 pixels, but you actually have to create 180 × 180 pixels because otherwise it gets not accepted by the social network .

To crop a photo and match the size of Facebook you can use any photo editing program. I chose Photoshop, which is the most complete, but you can also use GIMP, Paint. Net and even Windows Paint.

If you also have Photoshop, you can easily get an image for the Facebook profile by selecting the Crop tool from the toolbar of the program and by setting W x H x resolution from the drop-down menu located in the upper left. Once there, type 180 px 180 px and in the two fields adjacent text, use the mouse to select the area to crop the image (for example your face) and press the Enter key on the keyboard of your computer to complete the operation.
The photo will not only cut out the proportions indicated (having a square shape) but also resized to 180×180 pixel. You just have to save it by selecting Save As from the File menu in Photoshop, and upload it to your profile .

If you do not know how to change your profile picture on Facebook, all you have to do is place the mouse cursor on your current photo, click on the Edit profile picture Upload photos and select the item from the menu that appears.


To cut a photo to Facebook and use it as the cover of your profile, you have several options at your disposal. The first is to use Photoshop (or similar programs) as just seen for the profile picture, and in this case you have to crop an image by reducing it to 851 × 315 pixels.

Alternatively, you can contact online services that allow you to easily match your photos to Facebook cover format. One of the most famous is Photoz Cover.

To change the cover image of your profile, hover the mouse over it, click on the Change button and select the Load cover photo from the menu that appears.


If you want to replace the current cover photo on your Facebook profile, all you have to do is place the mouse pointer over them and select items Change miniature (for the profile photo) or Replace (for the cover) from the menu.

You also point out that by going into the Photos section of your profile, you can crop and set as picture or cover of any profile pictures already loaded on the social network. Just click on the pencil icon that appears at the top right and select Set as profile picture or Set as the cover image from the menu that appears.

In conclusion, I propose you a brief rundown on all formats and resolutions of the photos that you can currently use on Facebook. Might find useful for optimizing your content on social networks.

  • Cover profile – 851x315pxfacebook-photo-profile
  • Profile picture – 160x160px ( to be loaded to at least 180x180px )
  • Profile photos in comments – 32x32px (is automatically generated from Facebook)
  • Preview of shared links – 155x114px
  • Uploaded photos (max size) – 2048x2048px
  • Photos posted in the timeline – 403x403px
  • Video preview 403x226px